Common Causes Of A Toilet Clog

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Inadvertently clogging a toilet — or discovering very late that it is clogged already — is one among the more uneasy plumbing mishaps. And this can be a very tricky one also to address since there are many causes.
However, the good news here is that most of the toilet clogs can easily be avoided with a little prevention, and lots of them can be cleared with just a few vigorous plunging. And for those other, most difficult causes, you might have to call upon local plumbing professional.

Below are some of the most popular reasons why a toilet may be clogged:

A Jam in Trap
All the drain pipes have a trap — u-shaped bend inside the pipe which stays filled with water. This water acts as a vital barrier against any foul odors that otherwise might waft in a house from the sewer lines. The toilet’s trap tends to be great at getting the job done, but unluckily, that bend in pipe also makes an excellent place for a blockage to develop. Even though you have been careful regarding what you flush and what to not, something like utilizing too much of toilet paper can lead to a clog there.
You Flushed Wrong Thing
The toilet is only for disposing of toilet paper and human waste — and that is it. You are taking a risk when you flush anything out of those parameters, such as tissues, cotton swabs, cotton balls, dental floss, diapers or feminine products. If such things get caught anywhere in the drain lines, they will not break down and even move on like the toilet paper can. Therefore, resist the urge to flush down anything else, and in case you have kids in the house who may be tempted, ensure to speak to them regarding what is flushable.
Ineffective Flapper
In case you take lid off the toilet tank, you must see a rubber gasket at bottom. It’s the flapper and opens during flushing in order to allow water inside the tank to quickly flush down in the bowl. If flapper does not open completely, you may get weak flush, which may cause clogs by simply failing to push contents of bowl far sufficiently down the drainpipes. This is simple to fix — flapper is attached usually to flush arm with adjustable chain, so you can move the chain some links to shorten that and try out a test flush.
Hit the Roofs
When a toilet will not flush, it is possible that the blockage is not in drain pipes, but in the toilet’s vent. The plumbing fixtures generally vent to a house’s roof to enable fresh air in the plumbing systems, where it replaces vacuum of air produced when the water drains. When the vent becomes blocked with debris or leaves, it can cause gurgling, slow or stopped drains in the toilet.
No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished
The water-conscious homeowners buy low-flow toilets since years, but early versions were not as much powerful as ones you can purchase today. And just like with flapper example above, first low-flow toilet might not flush hard enough always to push contents through. In case you are consistently having problem with one among these models, it might be time to think of an upgrade right away.
Down the Lines
If the real source of the issue is not in the toilet, drain pipe or vent,it should be in sewer line. This often is a worst-case situation if a problem happens in sewer pipe section located under a private property,as it frequently involves digging up yard and racking many hours of labor. To find what is going on in sewer line, request camera inspection from a local Plumber Mesa.


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