Air Conditioner Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

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Simply ignoring the proper AC maintenance can raise your energy bill,decrease the efficacy of your unit and require repairs ultimately. So avoid the common mistakes and also reap cool rewards!
Never Cleaning Coils and Fins
Air conditioner evaporator coil and fin enable heat to pass out from refrigerant in the unit out in the air, just when condenser coils absorb the heat from inside of the home. This procedure of moving heat tends to be very essential, but it could become impeded by many layers of grime and dust. If you don’t check the coils, the grime will cost you lots of money and reduce efficiency. Clean the air conditioner at start of warm season and then check it again and again, especially after high winds or storms to make sure that your fins and coils stay clear.
Forgetting About The Windows
Lots of heat enters in the house through windows, particularly open windows. In case you really wish to control the heat in your home, pay close attention to the windows, as well. Keep them covered and closed with drapes or blinds during hottest parts of day—especially windows which are facing the sun currently. In evening, open both downstairs and upstairs windows if probable to encourage natural, cooler air flow.
Not Updating The Thermostat
Programmable thermostats are a must-have now. Programmable thermostats let you set temperatures for different times all through the day and lower the temperature automatically when you most require it to assist you save your money and manage the cooling without hovering over dial constantly. Many advanced thermostats have learning abilities, so a thermostat can move to accommodate the repeated schedules and let you change temperature using an app.
Not Checking The Drain
Many air conditioner systems use drains which take care of the condensation and related problems by channeling water out of the home. The drains can be simple to miss, however they have an essential job. If one among these drains gets blocked, it is bad news for the AC system and worse news for the surrounding walls and floors, which can get damaged permanently by overflowing moisture. Hence keep your drain lines clean,and do not be afraid to ever snake it using a wire couple of times in a year to ensure that no junk is collecting inside.
Turning Temperature Down Too Lower
This is a popular mistake which comes from the older days when lots of homeowners did not know much on how their Air Conditioner systems worked. People frequently would turn their thermostat down very lower in hope that this will make the Air Conditioner work harder or respond more quickly. But it doesn’t. So program the thermostat to where you exactly want it, and not lower than what you need.
Ignoring The Sizing Requirements
ACs are sized carefully to the quantity of cubic feet that they have to cool. This is particularly essential when you are buying a new unit or renovating the house. If the AC unit is rated for smaller space than what you’ve, it’ll work harder to cool your air, wear out quickly and struggle a lot to meet the demand of the thermostat. In case the AC is rated for larger space than what you have, it’ll turn on and turn off constantly, wearing out and growing unreliable over time.
Avoiding Replacement
The primary cost of replacing an AC is higher, but that does not mean you must avoid a brand new purchase. Call AC Repair Mesa to install a new one for your home.Do not make the mistakes of keeping your older air conditioners long after you must. An old AC will work poorly, cost you much more money in the repairs and ultimately become more problem than it is worth.


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